Home appliance UI

LED Dimming solution

  • Up to 8 X 14 matrix individual LED dimming control
  • 1000 logical dimming level or 250 human eye level
  • Up to 38400bps host communication through UART
  • Well defined command set to reduce host traffic

LED Driver (ADT8700)

  • Feature

    12V LED Driver. - Driving 3 Serial LEDs in one matrix

    112 LEDs Driving

    30 Keys scan

    I2C Command Set

    UART(Using companion chip T8700)

  • Application

    Home appliance

    12V Driving

  • Benefit

    Reduce Chip count - MCU+Voltage Driver+TR Array->1 Chip

    Easy Driving - Configured I2C Command set.

    Reduce MCU Performance - Reduce MCU Pin Count and MIPS.

  • LED + Key Scan, I2C Command Set

  • LED + Key Scan + Buzzer, UART Command Set